Day 1 of Therasuit therapy

Anne had her first Therasuit session today. (She will have 15, four hour sessions over the next three weeks.) It was intense. I think she cried for over half the time… not because she was in pain – just because she was MAD. This therapy is hard work, and Anne does not like to work hard. That’s actually one of her biggest obstacles. She puts forth little effort, and when therapists demand more, Anne gets mad.

My prayer is that one day she will channel that stubbornness into getting better. In the interim, we’ll just have to listen to her cry. It’s sooooooooo good for her!

Here’s a rough video of Anne walking on the treadmill. She walked a total of 15 minutes with two short breaks. You can hear her crying :-) Don’t worry, she’s not in pain. It’s just her way of complaining!

14 more days to go…

5 thoughts on “Day 1 of Therasuit therapy

  1. Ruth King says:

    I am praying for her to see what success feels like and for Momma to rest in the progress (even when it’s not fun to hear her cry)


  2. I continue to pray for Anne and will add to prayers for her that these sessions will get more tolerable session-to-session and that she won’t cry so much. I know she’s scared because this is something new for her and when we have to do things we aren’t familiar with, they tend to frighten us. She’s blessed to be in no pain physically, but she is in pain mentally. May God bless and keep her from day to day.


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