Day 15 of Therasuit therapy

We are finished!!

I am very impressed with this program. Anne made significant progress in the three weeks. It really is amazing. She is VERY proud of herself.

Here are a few videos…

This is one of her walking with a cane. The therapist is moving the cane for Anne and lightly touching her left side. Anne is supporting all of  her weight – the therapist is only giving her cues to help her balance.

This second video is a sample of some of the exercises she performed. Her left foot is attached to a pully with weight on the end. She started this exercise on day one with .5lbs of weight. Her left leg was extremely weak, but it has gotten stronger… she is pulling 4lbs in this video! It’s the last day, so we celebrated by letting her eat potato chips… her favorite food :-)

4 thoughts on “Day 15 of Therasuit therapy

  1. paulette says:

    wow! we were straining with her lifting that leg! what an exciting thing to see! she has worked so hard! we are all so proud of her!!


  2. krista jackson says:

    sooooo proud of her! way to go annie b! proud of you too, kathryn, You are the perfect mom for anne….she is so lucky to have you! :)


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