Hi All :-)

The Jackson household is battling germs. Anne and I are both sick. Canon and Kate are getting over being sick. Now Eric feels sick.

I’m not feeling very eloquent… so here’s my random thought for the day :-) One of the things on my life “bucket list” is to publish a book one day. I know that being published won’t make me any more satisfied than I am right now, but I still dream about it. But, this is not my season. I’m too busy taking care of my kiddos…

But somehow my friend, Josh Irby, (who has three children younger than mine) has found the time to write and publish a book. And it’s really good! For those of you with e-readers, his book, Meeting Miss Irby, is greatly discounted this weekend… It’s very worth the few dollars and time it will take to buy it.

Meeting Miss Irby is only $2.99 on Kindle (this weekend only!)

And it’s only 99¢ on Nook (this weekend only!)

Curling up with a good book sounds really good to this sick soul – but it’ll just have to wait until the kids are in bed :-)

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