Pray for Anne…

February 2013’s prayer requests:

Please pray for Anne…

  1. Her seizures have come back in full force. Please pray for adjustments in her medication to eradicate her seizures.
  2. Anne recently had a procedure to decrease the spasticity (tightness) in her left leg and arm. Please pray that this procedure would pay great dividends and allow Anne to gain more movement and strength in her left limbs.
  3. For self control and a Spirit-empowered hunger and thirst to do what is best and right, and
  4. Finally, pray for God to show us his great, great love and goodness to Anne.

Thank you!

8 thoughts on “Pray for Anne…

  1. Anne Wenger says:

    Praying for Anne’s seizures to stop. And praying for good results from the procedure to give her more strength on her left side.


  2. Reid Claire says:

    Praying for little Anne, and for your family. I’d hoped we’d kissed those seizures good-bye…….. Glad for the procedure to reduce the spasticity on her left side. Are you hopeful in that regard?



    • I know you’ve been praying for her left foot for years, Claire! Thank you. My hope is that one day, she will be able to bear weight on her left foot without braces. I don’t think that can happen without God’s intervention!


  3. I constantly pray for Anne. I will ask God to answer all of the February prayer requests. God is good! He’s still working on Anne! I know it’s hard to be patient, but that’s what God asks us to do. He’s got all of you in the palms of His hands! God is in control!


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