Anne & The Swedish Chef

The whole family gathered together after dinner to watch a movie. It’s the first time in a long time that Anne joined us. She did pretty well… she was still, she paid attention, she could follow along with the story, and she was mostly quiet. That’s pretty good for a little girl who has almost zero self control!

But about 1/2 hour into the movie, Anne blurted out…

You know what I really want? A tv that shows the Swedish Chef all the time!

Ha!! We all laughed so hard. Remember the Swedish Chef from the Muppets?? The funniest thing about Anne’s fascination with the Swedish Chef is that she doesn’t realize he’s supposed to be funny. She tells me often… “Wow Mom! You are such a good cook that you could be on the Swedish Chef!” That’s quite the compliment coming from Anne ;-)

Anne’s favorite Swedish Chef Video

6 thoughts on “Anne & The Swedish Chef

  1. That is so funny and so precious. Her fascination with the cook is also not too far from how she was before the accident, I always remember her loving to cook! Such a sweetie :)


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