TheraSuit: Year 2, Day 7

It’s the 2nd week of TheraSuit therapy, and Anne is starting to feel the effects. Her muscles are tired, and she is struggling to work through the fatigue so she can get stronger.

Today, Anne was screaming… “I’m ready to go home!!! Take this stupid suit off of me!!!! I don’t like you anymore!!!”

And then in the same screaming voice she would yell, “Ok. I will work some more. I’m ready to work some more!!!!!”

And then she switched to scream, “Leave me alone. I want to go home!!!!”

And so it continued… back and forth, back and forth, until she finally finished her exercises…And then she looked at her therapist and said, “I’m sorry I was mean to you. Can we hug and be friends again?”

Sweet Anne. I pray her hard work will make her stronger in both body and spirit!

9 thoughts on “TheraSuit: Year 2, Day 7

  1. says:

    This one gives me hope about my relationship with God! Anne’s responses today sound familiar…

    Thank you, friend, for sharing the journey.


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