TheraSuit: Year 2, Day 15

Anne completed all three weeks of TheraSuit Therapy, and she did GREAT!

By Day 15, most of her screaming and temper tantrums had been replaced with laughter and determination. Her left leg is so much stronger than before. And she is soooo close to being able to stand from a sitting position all by herself. Once standing, she is maintaining her balance for much longer than before suit therapy.

The great thing about Suit Therapy is that as her muscles heal over the next month, we will see continued improvement. It is such a great program!

…If only insurance would cover it. We are still waiting on a decision from our insurance company on whether they will cover this therapy. Please pray that God would work a miracle, and somehow our insurance would cover the 3 weeks of therapy!

This is a video of Anne on the last day. She is doing single-legged squats (while being distracted by a fun game). This is the exercise that caused the loudest screaming in the first few days. She’s having a ball in this video. The improvement is remarkable :)

6 thoughts on “TheraSuit: Year 2, Day 15

  1. Laura B. says:

    What a great program! She is so strong and beautiful. I love the creativity of the game! Even though I’m not in Atlanta anymore, I still think of y’all and pray for you, Anne, and the family. Thanks for keeping us updated on your lives!


  2. Lucel-Melody says:

    HOORAY Anne. Hooray Team!
    Yes, keeping the insurance issue as well as all Anne’s needs and yours as a family, in prayer.


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