Anne’s first day of 2nd grade

After waiting 20 minutes just to turn into the school’s parking area, we were forced by the flow of traffic to park a long distance away from the front door. So, as I was quickly trying to wheel Anne through the parking lot, across the side walks and into the school doors, I think we were stopped 4 times by teachers and/or staff yelling, “Hey Anne!!” to which Anne would reach out her arms and receive a warm hug. The hugs didn’t stop when we entered the building… oh no. Everyone seems to know Anne and Anne welcomes everyone with a hug.

This is the joy of having a special needs child. Anne isn’t fluent in the norms of society. She shows love unashamedly, and amazingly, she receives the same sort of un-filtered affection in return.

I had to pick up Anne early from her first day of school for a Doctor’s appointment. This was a follow-up visit after a Botox treatment. (Anne receives Botox treatments in her spastic muscles to help increase her range of motion.)

This particular doctor and nursing staff have followed Anne since her days in the hospital. So… as you can imagine, Anne is just as well-loved at this doctor’s office as she is at school. Always making jokes, Anne keeps everyone laughing. Today she said…

“Why are you talking about Botox? You wanna know about Botox??? Well, I’m a girl and I always wear Botox in my hair.”

And that is why everyone loves Anne so much! She brings us so much joy!

Quick Prayer Request:
Anne’s favorite para-pro, Mrs. Bush, is not able to work with Anne because of under-staffing. Anne’s teacher is requesting an additional para-pro which hopefully will free up Mrs. Bush to work with her. That decision is under review at a meeting on August 14th. We’re praying for the best scenario to work out for Anne (and everyone else in Anne’s special needs class – including the other students and her teacher and para-pro’s).

7 thoughts on “Anne’s first day of 2nd grade

  1. Having taught special education for 30 years, I know it is the law that they must provide services for Anne or anyone who has special needs! DO NOT give up! You have rights! Lack of funds is no excuse!
    Having said that, it’s wonderful that Anne is shown so much love and attention and that she warmly reciprocates!
    God Bless!
    You and all the other special needs parents fight for your rights!


  2. Cathy & Hal Friesen says:

    Thanks for writing, Kathryn. Helps us pray for the specifics. Praying God will bless Anne with a great year of 2nd grade.


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