Happy 2014!

What a blessed year 2013 was – not because of anything wonderful or terrible – just because of God’s grace to our family.

Everyone seems to have grown so much in the last year.

  • Eric’s faithfulness in prayer has increased. He’s been amazed at God’s consistent work through his humble prayers.
  • I finished my goal of blogging through the Bible. I still can’t believe I was able to write 365 straight posts. You can read what I learned from the endeavor here.
  • Canon (11) just grew. Man, he’s big.
  • Anne (9) has shown immense improvement – both physically and mentally. Her seizures are under control, she can walk with a walker and she is able to focus for longer periods of time.
  • Kate (7) has grown up in every way. She’s responsible and kind-hearted. I’m so thankful for God’s work in Kate this year.

God is always faithful to work in all of us! We are most thankful for 2013 and look forward to God’s adventures for 2014!

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