Pray for Anne…

February 2014’s prayer requests:

Please pray for Anne…

  1. Anne’s seizures have returned slightly this month, but her perseveration (stuttering) has improved. Please pray for both seizures and stuttering to go away.
  2. Please pray that Anne would improve in balance and eye tracking. These two systems are actually connected in the brain! So please pray for God to continue to heal these vital parts of her brain.
  3. Finally, pray for Anne’s encouragement. She is desiring to become more independent (which is wonderful) but sometimes this desire causes her frustration as there are still so many things she cannot do without help.

Thank you so much! Your continued prayer and support after all these years is an inspiration to our family!

8 thoughts on “Pray for Anne…

  1. victoria eades says:

    praying… It is such an honor and joy to walk through this with your family. Thanks again for being honest with your heart and your needs. All our love to Anne! And the rest of the family, too!


  2. Ruth King says:

    Thanks so much for keeping us informed so we know how to pray specifically. I am inspired by your whole family and will continue to pray.


  3. Sue Jackson says:

    Praying for sweet Annie-B, for her independence in nature and her reliance on God in spirit. No matter how rocky things seem on the surface of the water, you are anchored deep into the foundation of God. He hears your prayers! I thank him already for the continued healing that will take place.


  4. Joy says:

    Thank you for your monthly updates. We look forward to hearing about Anne’s progress and needs. We are thankful to be able to walk along with you in this journey. Love you all !!!


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