Warning: Patience Required

Patience. I need more of it. Don’t we all? I

Four years ago, after Anne finished a fantastic round of her three-week intensive therapy, I had grand visions of Anne practicing her walking in the pool. I imagined us happy and carefree, using the pool’s buoyancy to help support her as she exercised her muscles in a fun, relaxing way.


Our first trip to the pool, I confidently held her on my hip and started to carry her into the water. As soon as Anne’s toes hit the water, she screamed, “The water is too cold. Get me out. Get me OUT!!” That summer, I forced her to walk a few “laps” in the pool before I got her out. She has refused to enter the pool for the last three summers. Until…TODAY!

As I was sitting next to Anne on the side of the pool (she likes to fill and empty a solo cup with pool water) she looked up at me and said, “Mom, I want to get in the pool.”

I’ve heard this before. I go to pick her up, and she screams, so I put her back on the side of the pool, and she goes back to contently playing with her solo cup. But not today. She let me carry her into the pool, slip her body down into the water, and most amazingly, allowed her big brother to teach her how to use a float.

Anne kicked, walked, floated and played all over the pool today. It took four years, but my grand visions have come to life. Anne was telling everyone in the pool, “It’s a miracle!” (We got some strange looks!)



God works in His own time. Our job is to wait. And in the waiting… to not lose hope.


3 thoughts on “Warning: Patience Required

  1. Lu says:

    What a BEAUTIFUL reminder of how very important it is, to not loose hope while being actively engaged in waiting. Even when it LOOKS like (and often also feels like) total disaster, there is always “more to the story” and while unknown to us, is NOT unknown to Him. Wow.

    Hooray, Anne, It IS (and YOU ARE) a Miracle.

    Ohhhhh yes, Big Brother’s are AWESOME, grin. (I have two of them!)

    And today, what a victory today is for all of you. And ohhhhh the doors it will open (for family/together time, for silliness and relief time, for strengthening muscles time, for improved mobility and balance time)…..a new place to do your waiting in, and see what unfolds.

    Hooray Mama.
    Thank you ever so much for your faithfulness and love….and for sharing your journey with so many of us out in cyberville.

    Much Love, Warm Support and Prayer-Songs steadily flowing…..


  2. Anne Wenger says:

    So good to hear of this new milestone. I loved my big brother too! Praying for more progress in God’s time and for the patience to wait in the meantime.


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