8 years

Today is the 8th anniversary of our accident.

I still remember the day so vividly. What strikes me most is how ordinary it all seemed. I didn’t wake up with any strange premonitions. It didn’t seem like the last morning that Anne would be able to get out of bed by herself. Walk herself to the bathroom. Brush her own teeth. Use her left hand. There were no shouts from above urging me to look close – that this was the last day I would see her bright, intelligent eyes – the last day she would jump, move, smile, create, and live as a typical child in a typical family.

A lot changes in 8 years. On the day of our accident, I had two preschoolers and one 2nd grader. Today I have one in high school and two in middle school. So much has changed. We’ve all grown.

Jackson family – 2010 – Bobbi Jo Brooks Photography

Jackson family – 2018

Yes, we’ve grown physically – but I think we’ve grown more spiritually and emotionally. We give more. We love more. We’re more grateful. A little more patient. Eric and I have grown into our roles of caregiver. Anne is such a delight. We both receive so much more from her than we give.

So yes, I still miss our typical Anne. But the loss of the five-year-old Anne makes me more grateful for our 13-year-old Anne. I savor her words. Gaze at her eyes. Marvel at her smile. I drink in her joy and share in her sadness. She makes my life richer – more worth living somehow. And I’m grateful!

7 thoughts on “8 years

  1. Debbie C. Long says:


    It is hard to think that it has been 8 years. I looked back at all of your posts today and it struck me how far she has come since that first night we had 20 people from Church in one room praying all night for the Lord to work a miracle, and He did. I am so proud of you and Eric and Kate and Cannon for your incredible faithfulness through this entire journey. I have always known that God would use my “Annie Bee” in incredible ways and He has. Her journey has done so much for so many people and touched lives you probably will never even know about. I still have Anne’s hand prints from Sunday School and with her name at the top. I keep it on my desk to remind me of God’s mercy and how He can bring so much light out of the darkest circumstances.

    Miss Debbie


  2. Jane Smith says:

    I am so glad to hear from you!! I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately and actually sent you a text a week or two ago to let you know. No shame here if not, but has your cell number changed? 😉

    As always, thank you for sharing the journey with us.



  3. Lu & Mocha says:

    Ahhh Sweet Family,
    I remember the day well too…..for me, it was the last full day of Pandy’s life. She died the next day and then a special prayer meeting was called…and I came to it without my girl, heartbroken for myself, and heartbroken for you.
    Because of the work I do, I knew what we were asking and what you’d face….and still have the letter I wrote…the “envisioned conversation Anne and Jesus had while unconscious, about coming back and how it would be, and the choice was hers”.
    I remember that prayer meeting so vividely because it was the first time I’d seen a community come together in an instant like that. Later I was blessed with seeing folks rally around and fix Roxy’s place….but the prayer-meeting for Anne and your family and her medical team…that was a first.
    I remember specifically asking someone: Do they understand what they are asking? Do they really want Anne alive and here “no matter what”? Shouldn’t someone let them know of the possibilities (the prayer warriors, I was sure the Doctors had made it all clear to you) not to discourage them, but to pray all the more earnestly…..I think in facing my own grief, I was concerned all the more for yours…..
    And here you are, 8 years later, amazing fokls as you’ve always been, but blazing all the more for Him…filled with His love and LIght (and yup, while having very human moments).
    You are as always, in my thoughts and prayers.
    Celebrating who you’ve all worked sooooo incredibly hard to become.
    With Joy and Thanksgiving,


  4. Joy Miraglia says:

    I still remember dropping whatever it was we were doing and Ford, Abby and I holding hands and praying together for you and the kids. They didn’t understand why I was crying and praying. I tried to explain it in their terms. They remember it too. Thanks again for sharing and reminding us all that there is so much joy in life.

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  5. Hal & Cathy Friesen says:

    What memories. We were out of town that day, but God has answered countless prayers on behalf of your family. We thank Him. And thank you for sharing, Kathryn! — Cathy & Hal Friesen


  6. Ruth says:

    We spoke of Anne’s story tonight at our dinner table, not realizing it was the day itself. Wow, really? Canon was 2nd grade?! Glad you update, and tears of joy over here at what God has wrought in your hearts thru your suffering and pain.


  7. Vicki Greene says:

    I have just come upon your blog while looking at You Tube videos of Camp TBI over the years. Anne has become such a precious part of our Camp TBI family and we rejoice in the week we get to share with her and our other campers every year. I am always humbled by the stories of our families who are there for their kids every day in every way. Anne is also loved and supported for the week with us at Camp by a carefully chosen counselor, leaders who know her and love her and a nursing staff who are always there for whatever the week brings with every camper. I thank you for sharing your precious Anne with us every year and I pray that you receive rest for yourself and comfort in knowing that Anne is having fun, growing in her independence and making friends with so many who face similar challenges. God bless you and your family. Miz Vicki, Camp TBI Administrator


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