Progress Report on Anne

I am currently sitting at a therapy clinic in Villa Rica, GA. Sometimes great things are done in obscure places ;)

Anne will be here every day for the next month undergoing her traditional summer session of intensive Thera-suit therapy. Everything about this therapy session is good for Anne. It stretches her in every way – physically, cognitively, emotionally, even spiritually.

Here’s a progress report on Anne:

  • Physically
    • She’s grown to almost 5 feet and weighs 89 lbs.
    • 2 years ago (before puberty), she was walking with a cane. Now at 13, she struggles to support her weight when standing. Walking more than a few steps tires her out.
    • Anne still does not use her left hand, but her right arm is so strong that she can beat everyone in our family at arm wrestling (well, maybe not Eric – but she  comes close!)
    • In the last month, Anne has started having convulsive seizures. They have probably emerged because she has outgrown her current dosage of seizure medication. We’ve increased her medication, so hopefully, we’ll see these seizures diminish.
  • Cognitively
    • Anne’s reading has improved tremendously this last year. She can track and read short sentences without assistance. She can read long stories with assistance in tracking. She reads with more emotion and fluency. She still only reads 1st/2nd-grade level readers, but her improvement is so encouraging!
    • Anne’s attention has improved slightly, but she still struggles with focus, attention, and impulsivity.
    • Her middle school teachers really pushed Anne so that she was able to do 5 minutes of work independently. This is a huge step for Anne!
  • Emotionally
    • Anne’s hormones are irregular causing her to be emotionally volatile. Her anger outbursts are sudden and intense. This is our biggest challenge with Anne currently. It’s difficult to know how to prevent the anger outbursts, how to handle them when they happen, and what consequences to enforce after the outburst passes. It’s hard to know what Anne can control and what she can’t. I need wisdom to discipline her appropriately when her anger spills out to hurt others.
    • Anne also struggles with restlessness – causing her to make mischief to get attention. Hopefully, intensive therapy will help with this!

As with any child, Anne has struggles and triumphs. I am reminded daily of my own inadequacy to care for all of my children. I desperately need God’s wisdom and direction as I work to parent, shepherd, and train my kiddos. I’m thankful for Anne’s a-typical challenges. They force me to lean more deeply into Jesus – trusting him moment by moment.

Thanks for caring enough about Anne to track her progress over these last 8 years! Your prayers and support mean the world to our family. Thank you! -kathryn


5 thoughts on “Progress Report on Anne

  1. I appreciate the updates and pray for even more progress for her. I began following her years ago and since then lost an adult son to brain tumors so I experienced a little of the devastating effects of such things. He was a follower of Jesus and is with Him now, free from the effects of his cancer. My name is also Anne with an e and I will continue to pray for your sweet Anne and for all of the family.


    • I am so sorry to hear about your son. Having come so close to losing my daughter, I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child. Thank you for reaching out to encourage me. I’m humbled by your prayers. Thank you!


  2. Lu & Mocha says:

    Dear Family,
    As always, thank you for filling us in, allowing us out here who love you and pray for you daily, to walk more closely in prayer with Him on your behalf.
    Celebrating everything wonder-filled and good, and lifting up the challenges and trials “extra much” and asking that you be given ever increasing wisdom and clarity and endless reserves of love and humor as you travel thru each day.
    You’re in my heart always,
    With love,


  3. pjackson4 says:

    Sweet friend! Thank you for keeping us posted and giving us “prayer handles.”  Love you and your family so much! 

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  4. Ruth King says:

    Thank you so much for these updates. I was drawn closer to my new church body when this happened 8 years ago as we met to pray. It continues to be a privilege to pray for Anne and the whole family as she grows up. I am now in Alpharetta, but be assured, the spot in my heart for the Jacksons will remain intact.


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