Lots of laughter

As i type this, our little Anne is sitting on the sofa right next to Kate and Canon talking and singing about all sorts of topics. The things she says continue to slowly inprove in their context. She just seems a little more “with it” regarding her ability to understand what is happening around her. She occassionally says very funny things that make us all laugh and laugh, and Anne just loves this. . . . . then she will re-state the funny to ensure she milks all of the laughter she can from us. She gets a huge smile across her whole face during these episodes, and i think seeing her smile just brings such joy to our hearts it gives us the freedom to laugh even more.

We went to the pool today and Anne seemed actually excited about the trip. It appeared she was thinking about the future just a little bit – actually anticipating something beyond the immediate present.

Little Anne still really only has use of one limb – her right arm. Her left arm will occasionally move, and while she can move her legs, the high tone is preventing much progress in the way of any standing or walking.

Please pray for her mind to sharpen, and for her memory to improve. Little Kate prays every night that Anne would “soon be able to walk, and run and dance”. We so look forward to that day!


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