How Flying Squirrels Came To Be

Here’s the 2nd installment in Canon’s “Rabbit & Squirrel” Series. This one might be better than the first.  Check it out:

How Flying Squirrels Came To Be

The animals are all trying to make flying machines like the humans did 100 years ago….

Rabbit: I bet I can make the best flying machine.
Squirrel: Bet you can’t. Let’s have a “Build-Off.”
Rabbit: I’m in!
Squirrel: I’m going to tell you the rules:
1. You have a budget of $100. You can’t hire more than two helpers.
2. It has to be your idea. That’s it.

Rabbit: Okay. How long will the “Build-Off” be?
Squirrel: It will be exactly two months (that’s two days in human time).
Rabbit: Starting when?
Squirrel: NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They both scurry off in different directions. Squirrel gathers a bird and a mole (to gather things for him), while Rabbit gets just two other of his rabbit buddies.

…Two days later, Rabbit and Squirrel meet together in the forest.

Rabbit: I’ve got the best flying machine that’s ever been built!! …but I don’t know if it will fly yet.
Squirrel: Well, my flying machine might not look so good, but it will be the future for all squirrels!
Rabbit: Let’s see how both of our machines do in a contest.
Squirrel: You’re on!

Rabbit goes first. After two or three tries, he finally climbs a tree, straps himself into his wooden flying glider and jumps off. He drops like a rock. Thankfully, squirrel had placed a mattress underneath the tree, so rabbit wasn’t harmed.

Then Squirrel climbs up into the tree (with a lot easier time than rabbit had). Squirrel straps two leather wings from front paw to back paw on both sides of his body. He then jumps with his four legs spread as wide apart as possible. Because of his leather wings, he glides 100 yards (more or less).

Rabbit: Well… You fairly won my friend.
Squirrel: Thank you. Yours did pretty well too. (He had to be nice, didn’t he?)
Rabbit: Well… I’ll win next time!!!

2 thoughts on “How Flying Squirrels Came To Be

  1. Christy says:

    That’s hilarious! Great job, Canon! Please tell me you had to correct at least some of his spelling…if not, I will buy Canon an ice cream!!!


  2. Oh friend, Rabbit & Squirrel stories are ALL done via dictation! Canon stands and paces and rattles off the stories so fast that my fingers can’t keep up with him! He has occasionally corrected my spelling though :-)


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