Seizures & Stuttering

Anne is still having seizures. She actually had a video EEG a few weeks ago. She had a seizure during that time, which was great from a diagnostic perspective. She is having mild clonic-atonic seizures which originate from  her left temporal lobe and both frontal lobes.  They are considered mild because she remains conscious and lucid throughout the seizure. She is on her 2nd medication.  The first did nothing but make her tired – it had no affect on her seizures.  Most of the time, her seizures are mild and don’t last very long – but every now and then, she’ll have an intense one that lasts too long for comfort. 

On a different front, Anne has started stuttering.  It gets worse as she gets tired.  We’re hoping this is just one of those “one step backwards” before she takes a few steps forward :-) 

So please pray:

  1. that we find the best medication to prevent the seizures from doing additional damage to her brain, and
  2. that her stuttering would disappear.

Thank you!  -kathryn

One thought on “Seizures & Stuttering

  1. Praying for Anne and praying for you. We love you so much, guys!!!

    If you ever need some extra help with speech, you can talk with my mom…she’s awesome.

    We love you!!!!!!!!!


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