Rabbit Finally Wins!

Here is Canon’s 3rd installment in his “Rabbit & Squirrel Story Series.” If you haven’t yet, check out his first and second stories too :-)

Rabbit Finally Wins!

The animals are going through an industrial revolution (like the humans did).

Rabbit: Hey Squirrel, I just bought the best building machine ever!!!!
Squirrel: I bought a machine too.
Rabbit: How about we program our building machines to build a robot. Then our friends can vote on which robot has the best function, looks the best and has the best manners.
Squirrel: Okay, but it has to be fair. Our friends cannot know who built which robot, so they will vote for the best robot, NOT the best animal.
Rabbit: Okay, good add-on. Let’s do it!

Rabbit and squirrel both program their machines to build a robot. After about 1 animal month (which equals one day to humans), rabbit comes to squirrel.

Rabbit: Okay Squirrel, I’m finished!
Squirrel: Good, I’ve been waiting two weeks for you. Watch what my robot can do…

Squirrel snaps his fingers, and the robot appears with two cups of hot cocoa in his two metal, claw-like hands.

Rabbit (wide-eyed): WOW! But my robot’s better (and it looks better too!)

Rabbit whistles and his robot shows up, with a TV on his chest. So rabbit and squirrel sit down with their hot cocoa and watch television.

Squirrel: Oh, we were having so much fun that we forgot to invite our friends to vote on the best robot!
Rabbit: Robot, phone please.

His robot hands rabbit the phone. Rabbit calls all of his friends, and kindly lets squirrel use his phone so squirrel could call his friends too. All of the friends gather, and squirrel addresses the crowd of friends…

Squirrel: These are the rules of the vote. You will not know who built each robot. You must vote for the robot that you like the most. There will be two boxes over here by this tree with the picture of each robot on the front. We will give out cards. You will write your name on the card and then place it in the box of the robot you like best. There are pencils between the boxes. LET THE COMPETITION BEGIN!

The robots perform for the friends, and the friends vote. After the votes are counted, Rabbit’s robot wins.

Squirrel: Well you won. I guess it’s fair, since I won the flying competition, and you did say that you would win next time.
Rabbit: Well thanks. I only won by one vote.
Squirrel: I guess animals like television more than hot cocoa!
Rabbit: Well television lasts longer and doesn’t get cold.

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