I’m doing better…

This week has been a good week for all of us. The more relaxed pace of spring break has been rejuvenating. Thank you for praying for me. I’ve been more aware of God’s mercy and faithfulness, and I’ve been encouraged by several friends this week. I’ve received uplifting text messages, fresh tulips delivered to my door, and one friend even came over to clean my toilets and fold my laundry. That’s love!

I think most encouraging is that lots of people are remembering April 13th. From close friends to casual acquaintances, I’ve had several encounters this week of people telling me that they are praying as the 13th approaches.

God has lifted the weight of grief (at least for now) and given me a single focus for the good He’s accomplished in Anne this year. We have so much to be thankful for! So when our pastor asked how they could best minister to us on the one year mark of the accident, I decided I wanted a celebration service to thank God for the blessing of Anne’s life and miraculous recovery. The details are still being worked out, but my prayer is that the service will be an encouragement to Anne and to those who have prayed so faithfully for Anne. I pray God is glorified as we acknowledge the work He has done in our midst!

Miss Debbie was over tonight watching our kids. Anne loves Miss Debbie! She made me a care package for wednesday… Lots of chocolate, diet cokes, candles, etc. But the coolest thing is a cd she made for me. On it is Laura Story’s new song Blessings. Miss Debbie says that every word reminds her of Anne. I agree. Listen to it if you have a chance:-)  And here’s the story behind the song if you’re interested…

I’ll post more about Anne’s service when I know details. It will be this Wednesday evening at our church, ChristChurch Presbyterian. Anne will be there, and I hope it will be a blessing for everyone :-)

3 thoughts on “I’m doing better…

  1. Freida Corbin says:

    Oh! What a joy it was to read your post! This has been a miraculous year for Anne and her family! She’ll continue to improve every single day, even if it’s just a little bit! You may not even notice it, but God is working thru Anne every single day! A year from now you’ll even be more thankful for all the things that Anne has improved. I believe the phrase goes something like this, Be patient! God’s not finished with me yet! He definitely is not finished with Anne yet!
    I’m so glad you’ve had time to take a week a your own pace. Now for that last stretch before summer. I’m praying for God to give y’all the courage and strength you will need every single day. More good times are coming. Just be patient and wait upon the Lord.
    What a wonderful way you’ve decided to mark the year anniversary with a celebration of all the positive things that have taken place over the last year. I’m really moved that you decided to take this way to mark the anniversary I hope and pray it’s a HUGE success! But how can it not be! Right? You’ve got such loving friends around you. Now someone is a true friend that will come into your house and clean your toilets! WOW! I don’t even like to clean my own toilets! LOL! Who does like that job! Ugh! I’m sure the lovely tulips brightened your day and your world! They are kind of a sign of a new beginning, like spring! I love spring! It’s may favorite time of the year It’s like everything has been brought back to life again. We should renew our lives this time of the year as we see the beauty of flowers and trees as they bloom again! Spring makes me smile! It makes me thankful for all the things I have in my life!
    My very best friend is trying to get custody of her 3 year old granddaughter. Her father died last year in an auto accident. Her mother (biological only) is in jail. She’s a drug and alcohol addict and is a registered child abuser for having her children with her while she bought and sold drugs! She has 3 children and she doesn’t have custody of any of them. The “mother’s” parents only see Carlie when it’s convenient for them. My friend has had temp custody for almost a year now and she’s seen that Carlie has well been taken care of during this time. She is in a Christian Pre-K and she goes to church. This child is loved more than you can imagine by my friend’s family. The trial is May 25th and May 26th. Please pray that God will lead the judge to make the decision to give my best friend full custody of the precious child! Thy will be done. We are all very anxious about this, however, the Guardian Ad Litem has recommended that Cyndi be granted full custody.n This report gave us a renewal of hope! Thank you!
    I pray for a good weekend and a great week next week. I look forward to your posts! They always warm my heart!
    Remember to take one day at a time! That’s all God promises us anyway.
    I will definitely listen and watch the videos! Thanks for sharing!
    God bless all of you! You’re in His hands!
    Freida Corbin ;-)


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