Squirrel’s Wonderful Tail

Canon’s written another one… and it’s pretty funny :-) If you’re bored and like reading stories written by 8-year-old boys, then check out his other rabbit and squirrel stories:

Squirrel’s Wonderful Tail

Rabbit wants to play a trick on squirrel.

Rabbit (thinking): Oh, I am going to get squirrel …so bad!
Squirrel: Hi Rab-

Rabbit whips a paint ball out from behind his back and throws it right at squirrel’s tail.

Squirrel: AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! You ruined my wonderful, bushy tail!!!
Rabbit: Whoa! I wasn’t expecting that kind of emotion.
Squirrel: It’s alright if you throw a paint ball at my head, but my tail? That’s just going too far! You know the tail is THE pride of a squirrel!
Rabbit: Actually, I didn’t know that.
Squirrel (in a threatening voice and holding his fist up towards rabbit’s head): Well, you’re never going to forget it!
Rabbit: Uh oh! I’m outa here.

And rabbit zooms out, and squirrel chases him. But squirrel gets tired (because he’s made for climbing – not running).

Rabbit (while cautiously making his way back toward squirrel): Do you forgive me? I didn’t know your tail was so important. So can we be friends again?
Squirrel: Well not quite yet.

Squirrel picks him up by the ears and swings rabbit around 10 times.

Rabbit (dizzy): Okay, now can we be friends again?
Squirrel: Okay, but –

Squirrel jumps on rabbit and they both get into a playful wrestling match.

Rabbit (while running away): Bye! See you tomorrow!
Squirrel (yelling): Remember, it’s my birthday tomorrow!
Rabbit: Don’t worry, I won’t forget… we’re having a sleepover!

3 thoughts on “Squirrel’s Wonderful Tail

  1. Jim Long says:

    You and Eric are so blessed to have someone so young already know what forgiveness and love is all about. We are praying for you and your whole family. You are doing very well bringing up your children. Keep teaching and following!



    • Wow. I didn’t even notice those elements in the story – but you’re right, he painted a good picture of friendship!

      Thank you for my cd’s!!! I liked the personalization:-)


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