A progress report…

Anne is continuing to make great progress toward recovery.

Since she started school in January, her attention has increased and her impulsivity has decreased dramatically. One example…

When Anne was released from the hospital, they gave us a five-point harness car seat for Anne. They taught me how to switch the seat to a booster (using the regular seat belt) when Anne’s sitting balance improved. So last fall, I tried using the regular seat belt with Anne, but she could not stop from unbuckling herself. I decided to try again this spring, and Anne is able to keep herself from unbuckling. She even asks, “Mommy, can I unbuckle?” as we are pulling into the driveway!

Another milestone for Anne is that just in the last few weeks, she no longer uses a bed railing when she sleeps. Her awareness of where she is in her bed has improved so that she is not in danger of falling out of her bed!

Anne hasn’t stuttered in over a week AND she hasn’t seemed as tired, so maybe her body is adjusting to her seizure medication (which completely controls her seizures. We haven’t seen a seizure since she started this med.)

Lastly, Anne is beginning to read!!! I wrote about this last week, so if you missed that post, click here: Testing a theory…

Thank you for your prayers!!! -kathryn

4 thoughts on “A progress report…

  1. Rebecca says:

    Wonderful!!!Keep it up, Mom. You are a great teacher. Keep using your instincts. I have no doubt we will continue to get more progress reports!! Don’t be afraid to try these new things, even if she can participate in a very small way-like baking:-) God made an amazing Anne! Praise God for these wonderful strides in Anne’s life! They are no small thing!


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