Another Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A

May 18, 2010… This was a date placed on the ACCA school calendar months earlier – the last Chick-fil-A “spirit night” of the year. Lots of schools do this sort of thing – a percentage of the profits goes to the school – good for business – good for the school. Everybody wins.

But that Spirit night was different. My little girl was in a hospital room – still unable to sit or speak. Barely a month removed from our accident – the community was still reeling. A student named Kelsey asked the school board if they would donate the proceeds from the Chick-fil-A spirit night to our family. A small school event turned into a community-wide gathering as the Chick-fil-A operator hosted two locations (instead of the usual one) and both restaurants were packed for the night. It was a cool story. I wrote about it here.

Tuesday was ACCA’s first Chick-fil-A spirit night of the year. I couldn’t help but think of the contrasts. Anne was with us –  sitting, eating, talking…conversing with people. She asked to see the “cow.” She asked for ice cream. She was with us. I knew WAY more people there than last time. I had relationships with so many families – because of Anne’s journey.

I’m thankful for this road God has led us down. So many heartaches – but they fade to memory in light of the many triumphs. We are so thankful. So. very. thankful.

2 thoughts on “Another Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A

  1. Thank you for sharing this most impressive event with us! God works miracles in all ways! Although you aren’t thankful for the accident or the journey you’ve been through, you’re so thankful that because of what happened that you’ve made so many wonderful and caring people! Also, you’re such a much stronger person! God works in mysterious ways and must learn to accept His plan for all of us!
    God is good and He is in control!
    God bless you and your family!
    Freida ;-)


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