A friend of mine is leaving today for Haiti. She’s going with her husband to spend a week with her new daughter. Her daughter is six years old, and this will be the first time that either of them have met. My friend is adopting, and this is her first bonding trip.

Can you imagine? Spending a week in a hotel room with a little girl you’ve never met but have prayed for – knowing that one day she will come to live with you in your home and become a permanent part of your family? My friend is anxious. I don’t blame her.

So I’m praying for her today. Especially for peace. When I get anxious, I like to read Psalm 139. The clear tones of God’s sovereignty comfort me. What scripture comforts you when you’re anxious? Maybe I’ll forward the references to my friend :-)

5 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. Laura Lanier Davison says:

    Psalm 91 – “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge.” I love that image!


  2. My heart is not haughty, my eyes are not lifted [proud]. I do not concern myself with grave matters” or with things [impossible for me]. Surely I have calmed and quieted my soul, Like a young child at His mothers breast like a young child is my soul. (Psalm 131, pieced from various translations) It helps me remember that I have the choice to bring myself into a more restful state by how I focus my attention. And it helps me try to make the transition from perseverating on whatever impossible fears i am trying to control and just settle into the present moment like my children do when they nurse. Even at their wildest, both of my children will settle into peace to nurse–and it comforts me to think that that is how God wants us to be with the nourishment He provides.


  3. Rebecca says:

    Thank you. Being a mom is at once fulfilling and intense. I needed these words! Thanks for feeding us with these words and scripture, Kathryn; and I loved reading the comments. I feel God’s timing in reading these passages as I too often over-worry about how I am training three human beings!


  4. All are so good. I love how they are all so different – because God knows us intimately, he comforts us differently. I can’t wait to talk to my friend when she gets back from Haiti and ask her how God showed up to comfort her!


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