Living a Life of Endurance

A few months ago, I wrote a post about how my brief break from writing turned into a month of self-gratification. A concluded at the end of that post that I needed to learn how to live a life of Endurance.

My friend, Josh Irby, challenged me to figure something out and write about it – and if I did, he promised to give me a guest-post spot on his blog. Well, it took me a few months of wrestling over the idea, but I think I’ve learned a little something about endurance :)

I would love it if you read my post on Josh’s site and let me know what you think. I feel I’ve only scratched the surface…

A Life of Freedom and Endurance by Kathryn Jackson via

10 thoughts on “Living a Life of Endurance

  1. Joy says:

    Really well done Kathyrn. Good writing, backed by substantial content. Your article is helpful, practical, and encouraging – exactly what different people need to hear based upon where they are in their life situations.


  2. I found your thoughts about a life of endurance very appropriate and encouraging. Knowing your life experience which changed everything so quickly, it is good to see that you are able to adjust and find joy in new patterns. People sometimes use their temperament as an excuse for failing to live with perseverance despite circumstances. God made the various temperaments, and He shapes us into His likeness by sending the trials we each need to endure. And He enables us to live and learn and be transformed by His loving Hand.


  3. S. Trstenjak says:

    I found your blog from your podcast on Inspired to Action. A year and a half ago, our son, at fours year of age, fell from a swing in our backyard. Since then, it has been one health issue and diagnosis after another. We were told last month that he has swelling in the brain with three possibilities: seizures, congenital abnormality, or low grade tumor. Your blog has helped me! I have been helped to learn and maybe remember how the brain can affect your behavior. (The area of swelling for our son controls behavior.) I have been challenged by your faith and trust in the Lord. You have encouraged me. Thank you!


    • Wow. I’m so sorry to hear about your son. The road is so painful when you have to watch your children suffer. I will pray for his health and your stamina. Thank you for writing!!


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